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Madalosso started a new phase in January 2018, when we moved to São Gotardo - Flores da Cunha, in order to redefine its layout and expand its factory. But the story of Madalosso started long before that, Madalosso arose from the need for demand from other companies in the area of ​​machining. The old structure had two separate pavilions totaling 1860 m².

After the change, Madalosso has more than 3,000 m², which allows a perfect arrangement for production mainly. Other areas were also created, such as the company's own cafeteria and a resting place for employees. The company has also expanded its warehouse and improved its metrology area and can better ensure its process.

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Promote solutions in part machining, being highly competitive and structured.


To be among the best options in service and manufacturing of machined parts in Brazil by 2022.


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