Madalosso has its own dimensional laboratory, ensuring the necessary checks on all processes performed in the operation. As well as drafting control charts, PPAP studies, records of non-compliance with drafting of action plans, using the ISHIKAWA tool, 5 whys, etc. It also acts on monitoring indicators, instrumentation measurement plans, as well as keeps in touch and visits with customers.

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Mitutoyo QM353
Capacity: X 300 : Y 500 : Z 300 mm.

Profile projection

Mitutoyo PJ-A3000

Capacity: XY 100 x 100 mm.


Mitutoyo DT:10

Equipment used to check material hardness.

Surface roughness tester

Mitutoyo SJ400
Equipment used for surface and channel roughness checking: Ra, Ry, Rz, Rq e Rt.

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